To be a leading Company in the development of agriculture and food industries in Sarawak.
Implement all contracts awarded efficiently and effectively so as to meet the needs and satisfaction of all stakeholders, including smallholders, landowners, Department of Agriculture, Farmers’ Organizations, other Government Agencies and Private Sector in the State.
Undertake commercial projects, encompassing both downstream and upstream activities, focusing on those related to the development of food industries and export of food products.
1.    To fully satisfy our customers and other stakeholders.
2.    To optimize returns to shareholders.
3.    To maintain steady growth of the company through re-investment in selected new businesses.
4.    To preserve the environment and enhance our social responsibilities in the areas we operate.
5.    To maintain good cooperate governance throughout the Group.
1.     Integrity, Trustworthy & Responsible
2.     Timeliness
3.     Emphasis on quality
4.     Sustainable development
5.     Continuous staff development